Whether you want to bowl for fun or competition with friends, family, or co-workers;  our fourteen lanes are built for the occasion. Here, every experience is VIP for every guest.

BOWLING: (Lane fits up to 6 guests)

Shoe rental required for all bowlers:   $4 per pair

Monday-Thursday Before 5pm :     $24 per lane/hour

Monday-Thursday after 5pm:          $32 per lane/hour

Friday Before 5pm:                              $24 per lane/hour

Friday after 5pm:                                  $46 per lane/hour

Saturday before 3pm:                          $40 per lane/hour

Saturday after 3pm:                             $46 per lane/hour

Sunday all day:                                      $40 per lane/hour


All leagues take up a portion of our lanes, with openings based on number of teams in each league. The below schedule represents our typical weekly schedule, however, we do occasionally book large events and availability may be different than stated below. Please call Rule 3 before arrival to confirm availability: 614-864-7853.

Sunday – Open Bowling
Monday – League Bowling between 6:30pm-8:30pm (limited lanes available)
Tuesday – Open Bowling
Wednesday- – Open Bowling
Thursday– Open Bowling
Friday – Open Bowling
Saturday – Open Bowling