Eat & Drink


Eat & Drink

Hours of Operation

Sunday - Thursday : 12pm - 9pm
Friday - Saturday : 11am - 11pm

It’s American Mealtime Now

We’ll admit it – at Rule 3, we are foodies. We are fanatics for that perfect bite, and we’ve had way too many to pick just one favorite. But you should know, our love for American Mealtime isn’t just about what’s on the plate, but the entire food experience; the experiment, the entertainment of food, and most importantly, the family and friends around the table.

No need for gimmicks or food stunts here. At Rule 3, the family dinner table is our iconic meal moment. There’s always occasion to whip out the camera and raise our glasses; and you never need permission to split a piece of pie six ways, but don’t even think about bringing that Game Boy to the table – it’s American Mealtime now.

***NOTE: Rule (3) does NOT allow any outside food or beverages to be brought in. Exceptions are made in some cases for events reserved through our sales department***