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FAQ Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is the birthday child included in the guest count
A: Yes, the birthday child is considered one of the participants of the package.

Q: How much do additional guests over the 10 or 12 minimum cost?
A: Each additional guest costs $15 per person, this allows them to participate in all activities and they will receive food and drinks.

Q: Do I have to pay for adults?
A: You are only required to pay for people who will be participating in the activities provided with your package, if you have adults that would like to participate that’s awesome! You would only pay for them if the number of children and adults exceed the party package minimum.

Q: Can I bring a cake?
A: Yes! Rule (3) does not provide birthday cakes with our party packages so we encourage you to bring one. We also allow cupcakes and ice cream. Keep in mind birthday cakes, cupcakes, and ice cream are only allowed when an event is booked through our event staff.

Q: Can I decorate my party room?
A: Yes! Rule (3) does provide table cloths in each party room, we also sell balloon packages to save you some hassle! You are permitted to bring any decorations you would like.

Q: Does Rule (3) provide utensils and paper products?
A: Yes! We provide everything you need for the ultimate birthday party, you bring the kids and the cake!

Q: How do I get birthday invitations?
A: Invitations can be picked up at our front desk during regular business hours, no appointment necessary.

Q: How much do I have to put down to book my event?
A: We require a minimum $100 deposit to book an event, the remaining is paid the day of your party at the very end.